Become a member

Each and every WI is the sum of its members.  Whichever WI you join, you ...become part of that sum - you have influence on what happens at the meetings in equal measure to the other members and your ideas may be the ones taken forward, just like those of others - all we ask is that everyone shows care and consideration towards their fellow WI members.

It doesn't have to take a lot of your time (although it can if you want it to!).  There are 11 monthly meetings each year which will give you an opportunity to chat, listen to speakers, learn and to meet other members.  We all understand that time for yourself is a very valuable resource to be treasured and shared. ❤️

Our campaigning action demonstrates that women working together are extremely strong and effective and can bring about real change on a wide scale.

If you are over 18, female (or living as female) and you'd like to join us, please email with your postcode and we will pass you details of the WIs in your area of Shropshire.

We always recommend that potential new members visit all the WIs in their area first to see which one will suit them best.  WIs vary enormously and change with the membership, so it is understood that you might not join the first WI you visit (equally, you might!).

There are currently 120 WIs in the county of Shropshire and we are always keen to increase this number so, if there isn't a WI near you, please get in touch and our WI Advisers will explore the possibilities with you.

We look forward to hearing from you.