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Protect Your Nature Space            

Knowbury WI are leading the way. Why not join them?                

Although their resolution did not win the national vote, they are still determined to make a difference.

The time to start is NOW.    

Everyone can participate in nature protection and creation schemes.  It is a whole community activity, everyone and anyone can become involved.  As we are looking forward to coming out of lockdown, take a look around you.

What can you do?  

Each month we will share activity ideas.

More information can be obtained from Jennifer Bishop:, Annie Owen:, your WI Secretary or download a leaflet here.

Activity Ideas by month

For April: feed the birds, plant some seeds, look after emerging bees by planting various pollinators, choose a small patch of your garden to leave uncultivated.

For May: collect  rainwater to use in the garden, leave a patch of unmown grass for our pollinators, do a garden butterfly survey, plant native plant, share with your WI/local community, check out for some ideas



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They welcome to any suggestions you may have.